Claudia Kruppel

Plant Presents was founded by Claudia Kruppel. Her love for all things green came to life when she worked in an office and lived on the 42 second floor of a high rise building with nothing green in sight!

She started making a small terrarium for her home and one for the office. They were such a hit with her colleagues that she quickly had to do more and more.

When Brisbane’s Style Magazines mentioned them in their publication as one of the 10 best places for terrariums the business took off. The product range expanded from terrariums to centrepieces, succulent planters, and even succulent jewellery, which has become the most amazing fashion trend.

Our mission is still to bring a bit of green into your home, take your imagination on a little journey, make your special day extra amazing and make the world a bit happier!

Latest News

Plant Presents was a Finalist in the category “New Business of the Year” organised by the Chamber of Commerce in Gympie, won Bronze at the Ekka's Bridal Showcase 2018 in Brisbane, provided customised centrepieces for an event by Cricket Queensland at the Government House in Brisbane, was mentioned in Bridal Magazines and gives sold out workshops.


Professional Images on our website created by Photography by Bambi

An extra 'Thank You' needs to go to my lovely model Jesse McCubbin. Without her we couldn't have created the beautiful Succulent Jewellery images.