Our terrariums are tiny, living worlds created with lots of imagination and love. We usually work with indoor plants that like the higher humidity and lower light conditions that occur in an indoor terrarium.

We can't mail terrariums at the moment because we can't guarantee that they reach you in perfect condition. For now you can pick them up in Gympie, Qld or we can deliver from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane for an extra fee.

Terrariums are surprisingly easy to look after. They need bright indirect light (no full sun) and a bit of water. Don't worry, each one comes with a description on how to look after them.

They range from 15 cm to a whopping 50 cm in diameter for the Mega Bowl with a Bonsai and prices for the standard ones range between $35 and $250.

We can work with you on a personalised version as well. They are a lot of fun for the recipients and absolutely unique. So far we created some for car lovers, an architect, animal lovers, cricket players, Game of Thrones fans and complete hobbit landscapes. Often these creations require other hand made items, like wooden hobbit doors, houses and fences. We source most of them locally from super talented artisans. Just get in touch with us to discuss your ideas.